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SPA Team-building

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Teambuilding Spa aims to bring a “communicational common denominator” to groups or teams working together. At Spa, the team finds a common goal: relaxation. Which is handy, tangible, offers joy and makes them open, sharing. They have now become comrades in a new experience.

Everyone gains, in a pleasant and entertaining manner. It’s inexplicable how the ability and desire to change people increases after a visit to the Spa. For a long time after the SPA team-building, the team members are more calm, full of energy, positive and open mind.

Here, they learn how to breathe, how to meditate, how to be better, healthier, better. Teambuilding Spa uses games and exercises and innovative team of “gamestorming” with a high degree of efficiency in a relaxing environment conducive to reflection, debate constructive and finding new solutions. Precious keys for a dream feeling.

Carrying a teambuilding to SPA suppose in five essential steps in development:

1. Session of connection to the introspection and learning space in the Spa relaxation centre

2. An opening stage of teambuilding in which the participants will be asked to build “significant area of discussion”, as:

  • what they want as a team and what each team member wants;
  • learn the rules and criteria for measuring the objective reaching;
  • find all possible options reaching the teambuilding’s objective.

3. Stage of exploring the options found at the earlier stage

4. Stage of closing teambuilding, with each one’s involvement of the skills needed to achieve the  ” communicational common denominator”

5. Connection stage between the content, the teambuilding’s development and the external environment where all the solutions found will be applied.

All these combined with SPA and wellness experiences, stress release therapy, massages, hydrotherapy, sauna and hammam, as well as breathing exercises, yoga, stretching. In addition: team games depending on the company objective.